• "... her sophisticated sense of movement counterpoint sustained interest in her formal patterning."

    – Lewis Segal, LA Times

  • "Seda is a poetic genius."

    – Jodie Gates, Vice Dean/Director, Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

  • "Aybay displayed choreographic flair and a cutting-edge sensibility."

    – Victoria Looseleaf, LA Times

  • "Kina is a powerful and intense work... ."

    – Jeff Slayton, See Dance

  • "Kybele Dance Theater performed … for an entranced audience."

    – Michael Ray, Santa Monica Mirror

  • "As each couple danced, you seemed to be watching a summary of a complex relationship swiftly,
    lightly impressed upon your consciousness."

    – Lewis Segal, LA Times

  • "Plunging squats, deeply arching backs and lush turns ..."

    – Claudia La Rocco, New York  Times

  • "I have been to to the westside’s Theatre Raymond Kabbaz on several occasions over the past few years, and I have never saw it so packed as it was for last week’s performance by Kybele Dance Theatre!!!"

    – Karen Salkin, itsnotaboutme.tv

  • "Seda Aybay’s work is rich with movement, purpose and thought-provoking images. "

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "... the movement was all so beautiful ..."

    – Karen Salkin, itsnotaboutme.tv

  • "Kina has beautiful moments and extraordinary dancing."

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "Aybay shone throughout the piece, using her breath as an intense extension of her physicality ... that shook me to my core; and, her performance was matched by the rest of the cast."

    – Taliah Mancini, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "...impressive technicality ..."

    – Taliah Mancini, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "[Seda Aybay] is a beautiful dancer with a commanding presence."

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "The entire company was technically stunning and impassioned in their performance ..."

    – Khayla Jordan Golucke, LA Dance Review

KDT Reel

KDT Reel consisting of 3 pieces: Sonsuz, Golgeler and Kina.



"DediKodu explores shedding the burden of cultural expectations&judgementfor personal choices over societal scrutiny and forecast. The title means ‘gossip’ in Turkish but the word is visually separated into dedi meaning ‘said’ and kodu meaning ‘set’ as a play-on-words about how we often succumb to what is said about us, falling into some prescribed version others foist upon us.


Sinir/Siz (2019)

Borders drawn … limitations abound.  From me …by you ... from you ... by me.  Quiet riots of the heart... thirst of freedom.  In search of “Limit/less.”


Noir (2018)

“Noir” is a multimedia piece inspired by the dark themes of 1940’s cinema and its anti-heroine, the femme fatale, who uses her femininity to lure men down a destructive and dangerous path. Historically, this character was born from a time when soldiers came home from fighting in World War II to find women more independent, therefore challenging gender roles of that time.  “Noir” depicts the ongoing battle for a strong woman pursuing her desires to shake society’s scrutiny deeming her subversive, provocative and thus, a villainess femme fatale.


Masal (2017)

Masal is about personal introspection and self-reflection with the intent to find meaning and reason for one’s existence in our universe. Are we born with a purpose and fulfilling our destiny or is our fate in our own hands?  Does it matter?


Kina (2016)

KINA is about oppression.  Whether you live in an oppressive society or are trapped in your own mind, we all strive to break the chains that bind us.


Sonsuz (2015)

The inspiration for SONSUZ is an abstract interpretation of Mary Oliver’s Poem “When Death Comes”. Looking at various relationships, the piece explores and questions the deeper level of connections beyond just the physical sense of beings living life but rather exploring the journey of finding your other self in another person: that connecting, separating and uniting.


Golgeler (2012)

“Golgeler" are the shadow-souls desperately searching for meaningful connections and love when crushed under the pressure of rules, fake values, designed goals and norms of an extremely judgmental society.


Imaj (2011)

"IMAJ” is a futuristic look into a place where everyone is narcissistic and disconnected from each other. Uncontrollable circumstances push different characters through transformation where some find the roots of humanity while others are swept away.   

Sima (2010)

At one point in life we all hit that place where everything is dark, meaningless and empty. Feelings are broken into pieces, rioting inside, pulling us in different directions. We get into such deep struggles within that we hit rock bottom, sometimes desiring to give up. Strangely, at that moment, an acceptance of complete emptiness and silence can be a new beginning.

La Vida Loca (2009)

"La Vida Loca" is energetic, fun and athletic portraying different personalities through short vignettes of life. The ironic personality of each character highlights the joys of life, yet hints at what is often lost in one's daily routine.

Dreamcatcher (2008)

Dreamcatcher  is a multi-media performance exploring the suspension of the conscious mind. The piece navigates the momentum of the human psyche somewhere between dream and reality. The athletic contemporary modern vocabulary is designed around different dimensions representing the body, mind and soul working with and against each other.

Sema (2008)

Inspired by one of the most famous Turkish artist's work, "Sema" offers insight into Sufism through the philosophical aspects and ceremonial rituals of the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey.

O (2007)

"O" (s/he/it, 3rd person in Turkish) is a solo piece about losing someone and questioning one's own beliefs. Umbrellas symbolize the hovering, protection  and power we as humans sometimes refuse because of extreme life experiences. Even though we think that we can pull away, it is always going to be there with us.

Sesler (2007)

"sesler" (voices/sounds synonymous of the word Seda in Turkish) is inspired by Seda Aybay's own hunted memories of life’s choices:  mysteries, shame, fear and guilt. It's a journey of self-acceptance and forgiveness to find inner peace.  

$irket (2007)

"$irket" depicts the fine line between sanity and insanity as defined by mechanic, repetitive, and mundane work requirements of an office job. The ironic cruelty and madness of each character not only purposes to entertain the audience, but also confronts and awakens their consciousness through the portrayal of sacrificed human feelings, senses and joys of life for a simple title, position, promotion and/or money.

Istanbul Hatiralari (2007)

"Istanbul Hatiralari" is a work in progress piece constructed through short life stories and memories of Istanbul.

NAR in Memory of Ataturk (2006-2007)

"NAR in memory of Ataturk" is a 50-minute visual and dance performance inspired by the memory of Turkey's greatest leader, Ataturk. As an activist of her generation, choreographer Aybay takes the audience on a journey through Turkish history, culture, and Philosophy by artfully designing movement centered on the determination of Ataturk's life.

Veda (2006)

"VEDA" is a 32-minute piece inspired by the increasing popularity of Latin music and dance forms in present-day Turkey, Portraying different aspects of "brokenness," This work captures the desire to fit in with the crowd yet keep one's identity, individuality, and uniqueness within an ever-changing society.  The Los Angeles Times noted "Seda Aybay went her own way, focusing her artful quartet 'Veda' on partnering: As each couple danced, you seemed to be watching a summary of a complex relationship swiftly, lightly impressed upon your consciousness."

Hopes and Dreams (2005)

"Hopes and Dreams" is a  70-minute performance of spoken word and dance. Individuals strive to attain their wishes of health, love, happiness, success, and material desires. There is an old Turkish tradition of scribing wishes onto a red scarf and affixing them to a tree. The red scarf serves as a bridge between past and present. Though each dancer's wish is eventually fulfilled, we focus on the unavoidable and sometimes crushing struggle inherent in attaining one's desires.

Elements (2005)

  A mosaic of different qualities and the delicate balance of air, fire, water and earth which is vital for human life.

4 Seasons (2005)

The interplay of everyday people who interact in a city park evolves through passing seasons inspired by French paintings of spring gatherings and picnics..


The Purpose of Life (2004)

The search for the meaning or purpose of life through different cultural, religious and philosophical aspects iportrayed by 3 female dancers over 25 minutes.

Kosem Sultan (2004)

Harem is a term used to describe the room where all the wives of the Sultan congregate. Through the revealing story of "Kosem Sultan", one of the most important queens of Ottoman Empire, women's issues between the past and the present that emphasize the male gaze, the importance of virginity, and the power of beauty.

1001 Gecenin Oteki Yuzu (The Other Side of 1001 Night Tales) (2003)

A story of a Turkish woman and her extreme relationships with others shaped by the boundaries of tradition and religion. Through multiple stories woven together, such as mother and daughter relationships, religious pressure, marital traditions, rules of society for women, and unspoken domestic violence, tragic sides of traditional lives which were at times admirable, at others cruel, and sometimes violent are presented in this darker side to the tale of 1001 Arabian Nights.