• "... her sophisticated sense of movement counterpoint sustained interest in her formal patterning."

    – Lewis Segal, LA Times

  • "Seda is a poetic genius."

    – Jodie Gates, Vice Dean/Director, Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

  • "Aybay displayed choreographic flair and a cutting-edge sensibility."

    – Victoria Looseleaf, LA Times

  • "Kina is a powerful and intense work... ."

    – Jeff Slayton, See Dance

  • "Kybele Dance Theater performed … for an entranced audience."

    – Michael Ray, Santa Monica Mirror

  • "As each couple danced, you seemed to be watching a summary of a complex relationship swiftly,
    lightly impressed upon your consciousness."

    – Lewis Segal, LA Times

  • "Plunging squats, deeply arching backs and lush turns ..."

    – Claudia La Rocco, New York  Times

  • "I have been to to the westside’s Theatre Raymond Kabbaz on several occasions over the past few years, and I have never saw it so packed as it was for last week’s performance by Kybele Dance Theatre!!!"

    – Karen Salkin, itsnotaboutme.tv

  • "Seda Aybay’s work is rich with movement, purpose and thought-provoking images. "

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "... the movement was all so beautiful ..."

    – Karen Salkin, itsnotaboutme.tv

  • "Kina has beautiful moments and extraordinary dancing."

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "Aybay shone throughout the piece, using her breath as an intense extension of her physicality ... that shook me to my core; and, her performance was matched by the rest of the cast."

    – Taliah Mancini, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "...impressive technicality ..."

    – Taliah Mancini, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "[Seda Aybay] is a beautiful dancer with a commanding presence."

    – Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

  • "The entire company was technically stunning and impassioned in their performance ..."

    – Khayla Jordan Golucke, LA Dance Review

About Us:

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey Seda Aybay is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Kybele Dance Theater, which she founded in 2003 in Los Angeles.  She has produced and choreographed multiple works that have won her choreography awards with her pieces touring throughout Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Long Beach, Fresno, Concord, San Jose, Palm Desert, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Istanbul.

KDT is dedicated to building bridges between cultures and genders and creating a multicultural perspective through contemporary dance. Seda’s choreography showcases the power of story telling by mixing gestures with accents of technique while drawing upon her Turkish heritage to create innovative works that stretch the boundaries of modern dance while infusing a global perspective.



Artist's Statement:

I am inspired to create works that build bridges between genders, races, cultures and communities with themes and concepts that are relatable to each and every person. Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey I grew up traveling all over the world being exposed to different cultures, traditions and stories. These experiences led me as a young artist to find common ground connecting to each culture and I began to create different works with this perspective. Underlying concepts of each story and vision for a new dance always relates to fundamental human relationships and how people interact. Exploring and questioning the deeper level of connections beyond just the physical sense leads to a journey of finding one’s other self in another person: connecting, separating and reuniting.  This synergy on stage is experienced by the audience as their own self-reflection moving through time and space.

I desire to awaken the audience’s emotions by accenting forgotten moments of life through fusing contemporary dance with Turkish imagery through a diverse repertory created to inspire, think, and educate. Utilizing nuanced movement to invent new dance morphs known contemporary style into new territory. Pushing the physical body to its limits for electrifying moments on stage amidst fearless risk which designs moments of beauty and surprise as well as the unusual and bizarre is the essence of my work.  My approach to movement evolved to include quick weight shift, use of momentum and gravity with refined abstract versions of daily gestures.  Contrasting movement textures are created through extreme body positions, use of dynamics, and level changes.  I believe in the clean lines of classicism swiftly blending into the earthiness of modern dance and the gutsiness of contemporary. 

I see the stage as my canvas where every moment should look like a painting filled with complex detail and composition.  Lighting and costuming have always been an integral part of my vision alongside my choreography to create depth and architectural design on stage to accentuate the magic of live performance.  Striving to bring contemporary dance to the forefront of expression, I hope to inspire future generations of art lovers.